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Feb 10: Kick-Off for Excellence and Honours Programs

May 26: Excellence Event 16:30-18:30

July 7: Graduation Ceremony for Excellence and Honours

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On Tuesday Dec 9, 2014 the School of Economics and Management (SEM) hosted once again the semi-annual event for promoting all Excellence and Honours modules for the new semester. Under the theme “Excellence Experience” about 250 students joined the adventure to explore the world of Excellence in a maze, making it interactive and fun.

Students had the chance to exchange their experience and knowledge about modules they have just completed and were able to excite their mates to sign up for the Excellence Program next semester.

“The Excellence Program is expanding, this time we needed more space to accomodate all students.” says Irena van Nynatten-Janikowska, Program Manager of the Excellence and Honours Programs at SEM. “Finally we had more room to talk about the programs and to do small exercises. Some of students, for example, could make a talent test provided by Talent Walks.”

This reflects that there is increasing excitement among students to enter the world of Excellence and Honours as a valuable addition to their regular study program. Not only can they follow their own interests and broaden their horizon, but there also seems to be a growing need for developing individual talents and engaging into personal development.

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With more than 18 different modules, students in the Excellence Program can pick their own module from various areas of interest. If you are interested in marketing you might go for Real Life Research and Consultancy or deepen your marketing knowledge through Consumer Behavior and Influence.

Creativity is an important part of Excellence Education, reflected in a variety of choices for students. Creative Writing and Road Trip in Creativity take you through a journey to explore your own creative side. There even seems to be a connection between creativity and finance that will be elaborated on in Creative Accounting.

For a culturally interested student the Excellence Program is just like a playground. New modules such as Eye on Africa and Middle East Insight are becoming more and more popular. International Orientation still attracts lots of new applicants each semester, eager to get some first hand cross cultural experiences. In September 2015 the new module Building Cultural Intelligence will kick-off.

Prior to the Excellence Experience he module Middle East Insight also hosted a guest lecture by Ludovic Zahed, an influential activist, advocating gender equality and liberalism. More than 70 students and staff followed an inspiring talk with lots of new insights.

For the first time all Excellence modules are accesible by students from all faculties of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. This opens up new possibilities for young people to get connected accross disciplines and approach assignments from different perspectives. Not only does this strengthen the university-wide identity, but it also creates an extended sense of community for all people involved in this education.

Irena van Nynatten-Janikowska reflects that most students came from the School of Economics and Management, but there also seemed to be more and more people from the Schools of Design and Communication (DMCI), Social Work and Law (DMR) and Education (DOO) – “We hope that we can excite more students from other faculties to join the Excellence Programs at SEM”.

Events like the Excellence Experience show how much life there is Excellence Education and emphasize once again what an important part this is in the life of a student. We are excited to welcome even more students next semester in the Excellence Program and we would like to say thank you for all the committment so far. Special thanks in this regard goes to the team of the module Event Organization who successfully planned and organized the Excellence Experience. We are looking forward to the next one!

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