I had a dream

From the beginning of the time, mankind had just one goal in life, to achieve. Achieving the goals that we make for ourselves, the goals that are given to us and the dreams we thought could not be achieved.

To name a few examples of people who followed one goal after another, with the reason of having no restrictions of following their goals. First of all, the simple low-class roman soldier who wanted to be a general, or that peasant in the dark ages that spended his holidays (made out of around 100 days a year) to do something worthwhile or finally that second lieutenant of the artillery who wanted to help his republic establish order in the days of tyranny. These are just small examples of people with goals who became legends of time.

That roman soldier was named Maximinus Thrax and became the first low-classed emperor of the Romans. The peasant in the dark ages became the hero of the poor by starting an uprising in the 12th century. And finally the second lieutenant became Napoleon I who almost conquered the entire European mainland.

And if you’re now wondering if you have the makings of greatness in you, the answer is yes. Because what is greatness, apart from settings your own goals and achieving them?

Nowadays the entire world is made out of goals made by others. Your parents who tell you what to study or that you have to study. The teacher who says you have to turn your assignment in. Your boss who tells you what to do. Your girl- or boyfriend who rather does something else. And the funniest thing is, people follow like sheep to do the assignments given to them. And you could say its because it’s in our nature, everybody likes to have achieved something or to please others. But the real achievement is having followed your own goals or dreams. Following your goal or dream, even if it doesn’t work out like its suppose to go, is already a achievement. Why? Because its your goal.
So if there are any obstacles, don’t be afraid to simply walk over them. Even if it’s your boss, your family, your partner or even your teacher. Just stick to your goals and no matter what, follow your dream.

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