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EVA is like a large family. A family that is your home, something you can come back to anytime. Even when you have left the building of that family – the HvA – you are still part of the family.


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The family EVA supports you in everything you do. It wants to develop you as you move through higher education towards your professional life. Once you are there it is always open for reunions to bring you back to the roots, where you started your journey. It provides you with the challenges you need to succeed in life, and gives you the inspiration from others to make that next step in life.

Being a member of the family EVA is also something that you enjoy. Having fun together strengthens the community feeling and wants you to come back again; especially, because it is always so interesting to meet people from other disciplines with a diverse pool of knowledge, talents and experiences.

Most important, however, a family does not exist on its own. It is a group of individual people that are connected to a core message and come together to live it. Therefore, the life of the family depends very much on the freedom of the members to live out their creativity, share their knowledge and learn from each other.

Without every single member of the EVA family, this association would not exist. That is why everything being done at EVA is in return for the community.