One-Identity – Conclusions from the Kenniscafé

On Wednesday the 26th we had another successful Kenniscafé at Kohnstammhuis! During this Kenniscafé both teachers and students discussed the following topic:

How can we create one identity for the Excellence Program, between all different domains?

The group was split into two and these are the ideas team 1 came up with: The main idea was to create structure between the domains (in excellence) in order to get more transparency and clarity, after which the managers can create new programs.


We wanted to have both general and specific Excellence Programs. So programs specifically for the domain itself, and interdisciplinary programs, in which students from different domains work together. Interaction with companies, a subexcellence group where students from different domains work with or for a company. Alumni for excellence, so they can share their knowledge with new excellence students.


Special environment outside school with ‘company feel’: creative environment specially created for excellence students.


Get new professors from University’s. They have a piece of extra knowledge HBO-teachers most of the times don’t have. Voting for teachers, let the students decide which lecturer is best for them. Who they think is inspiring. Teachers need to measure up to the excellence standard that has been created for excellence lecturers.


The first step is to appoint a manager from each domain, and a director of all the domains. The seconds step is a meeting every 3 months for all the managers, including the director. The third and last step is to let all the managers work together in order to create new programs to the students’ needs. (The director is not the deciding person. He/she is there to keep an overview and to help where necessary.)

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