At EVA we have done our absolute best to be involved and to create diverse events stretching far and beyond our comfort zone. One of these particular events was a special little project called Pauw Academy. PAUW is a Dutch TV show that discusses a wide array of topics ranging from politics to music to big controversies. Agreeing to come and host our own show for Pauw Acadamy was an amazing opportunity and quite frankly one that we could not refuse, no matter how nervous we were. If we strive to push our members to step outside of their comfort zone, we must set an example and that is what we wanted to do. The meetings beforehand went smoothly as we quickly agreed how we wanted the show to look like and set up certain topics beforehand. However, we also knew that we did not want the show to be too scripted as that would come off boring in our opinion. Each one of the speakers had a certain topic that they did individual research on and then it was up to me to grill them. To be honest, our team has been amazing from day 1 and we continuously worked hard and supported each other with any difficulties. The preparations for the show was just one of them! I remember we had a meeting on the Friday beforehand, the show being on a Monday. The Thursday before the meeting we had a Christmas Gala event and since we believe in a fair balance between work/play, you can imagine we had a fun night. Personally, I believe it shows true dedication when you end up home at 4 AM only to show up at a meeting at 11 AM the next morning. Everyone’s faces looked absolutely hilarious, but we agreed not to judge each other on looks just for that meeting. The preparation went well, although we were completely drained of energy. The following Monday was a day of anxiety, pressure, stress and pure enjoyment. We showed up dressed to impress (professionally of course), and after a few practice runs, completely rocked the show! The producers were impressed and we had gotten a fair share of compliments all around, it was an amazing night shared by friends, family (EVA is a family after all ;-)) and truly memorable experience. This just shows that stepping outside of your comfort zone can lead to great many possibilities, don’t think – just do it!

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