The McGill Management International Case Competition

The McGill Management International Case Competition is a world-class undergraduate competition with a focus on globalization, innovation and multi-disciplinary thinking. Founded in 2001, the event has welcomed schools from over 20 countries.

Together with a team of three others, I got the chance to go to Montreal and represent the HvA in this challenging competition, competing against teams from all over the world. As you can imagine, it was quite the experience.

Photo 26-03-16 10 59 54The challenge
For the competition, the different teams are locked up in a room for 32 hours to work through a business scenario, identifying key priorities, weighing benefits and addressing risks before drafting a strategic plan that has to be presented to a jury comprised of the top Canadian corporate life.

Our story
With the programming lasting one week, and beginning on Sunday the 6th of March, our team decided to come to Montreal a few days early so to get used to the different time zone.

During these first days it was wonderful to see the McGill campus and the city’s historical sights, and with our minds refreshed after a couple nights of good sleep, we were ready to commence with the program set out by the MMICC organisation.

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The focus on academic achievement became evident during these early hours and one of the ways this was brought forward was by an internal competition that was held between different Montreal Universities. The best team was picked by a jury, consisting of all the teams that were to compete in the international competition. The winner of this internal competition was invited to join the closing party for MMICC.

After this interesting presentation on Monday morning, the evening was reserved for networking. This was also one of the focus points of the organisation; connecting and inspiring excellent students and business professionals. To me, the fact that all the teams got the chance to interact with both each other and professionals was one of the greatest aspects of this week, as the events allowed us to make valuable connections.

After a couple of great events, Thursday arrived. This day we would be getting the case and from the moment we woke up, the pressure of the daunting task ahead pressed upon us. After breakfast, a representative of the company presented the case to the teams and then the challenge began. One would think that 32h should be more than enough to deliver some decent solutions, and you would be right, the problem however is to stay productive for all those hours. Luckily, we pulled it off!

The lack of sleep meant we slept like babies Friday night, but this was very necessary since we would need all our energy to present our findings to the jury. It certainly was a privilege to present to a jury with that much experience, and as you can imagine, all of us were quite nervous. The presentations, we had to present twice, went better than we could have hoped and the jury seemed quite content. The moment of truth for all the teams came later that same day, as the ranking was announced during the closing dinner.

1 Belgrade University, Servia.
2 Thammasat university, Thailand.
3 Copenhagen business school, Denmark.

Overall, it was a great experience and we left feeling inspired and motivated and with a lot of new connections and friends. The MMICC was an unforgettable week, filled with novel experiences and newly found friends. It was a week in the spirit of EVA’s own philosophy: Challenge, Connect, Inspire.

Next year another team of the HvA will be able to build on our experiences, and with the lessons we have learned, they are bound to win!

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