Who are we?

About us

At EVA we always strive to achieve the maximum and exceed expectations. We are committed to excellence in education, personal development and social responsibility. What unites us is our passion for self-actualizing ourselves while bringing value to our societies.

We do realize that it takes time to achieve each of our goals and that is why we are strongly committed to constantly challenge ourselves and drive innovation in everything we do. In the core of our organizational philosophy lie also teamwork and diversity.

We do believe that the international network of students we are building does enhance our intellectual capacity and delivers a vast number of opportunities. Additionally, we have understood the value of networking and the benefits of longevity relationships as those stimulate the fresh flow of views and ideas.

"EVA aims to grow and shape a community for excellent students, to connect all expertises, share knowledge and provide opportunities"

EVA Values

Push limits. Without stepping out of what is familiar, one will never know what he or she is capable of. Challenges are not about you versus the world, it is about you versus yourself. Be the better version of yourself, every day again. Challenge the excellent.

Excellence is a journey one does not travel through alone. Connect with like minded individuals or businesses and share the philosophy. Synergy moves brilliance and community fuels excellence. Be part of the community.

To learn is to live. We all walk different paths and the experience, knowledge, wisdom and lessons we all pass on to each other are fascinating and invaluable. EVA strives to create an environment in which inspiration from and to the members is stimulated and encouraged as much as possible.